Welcome to Outdoor Images.
Join us in seeing the wondrous displays of color in God's grand creation from the foggy forest, to the stark beauty of the Southwest deserts, to the majestic mountains of the Northwest. While many of the photos are from Western Michigan where I lived and grew up, you soon will discover my love and fascination for all of God's creation. It is here that I am able to escape the panic of people in motion, the stress of everyday life, and peacefully be alone with God. I have been taking pictures since 2002, when I received my first digital camera. During this time I have been obsessed with capturing the magical displays of nature from our own backyards to the far away desolate places people seldom go or see. With my camera, the world is a magical place waiting to be explored. Here there is an adventure behind every photo.
Come, explore a world of wonder where God is in the details.